For Distributors

Offer online products of the manufacturing industry.

Receive inquires based on the brands you insert to our system.

Our aim is to increase your sales!

Make new sales digital and professionally and increase your turnover through our B2B marketplace. By becoming a distributor in Toolesta, you can reach the target group you are searching for ! The Toolesta is the online marketplace where you can receive inquiries based on the brand selection you insert to our system.

Daily Inquiries

New customers

Turnover Increase

Graphs & Stats

Advantages as a Distributor:

⦾ Daily inquiries

⦾ Access in new customers

⦾ Turnover increase

⦾ New distribution channel

⦾ Comparison Data Analysis based on your records

⦾ Product code maintenance & update


Are you a distributor, retailer or agent being active in the machining sector?

Are you losing inquiries and you do not know why?

Are you investing a lot of money in marketing and you do not see positive outcomes?

Follow the next steps and become a TOOLESTA distributor:


Sign up through our website and fill up the relevant information or contact us directly at +39 375 6553290.

Account activation

Your account has to be verified in order to be listed as a distributor and sell through Toolesta.

Completion of activation

Enter in our system the brands you are distributing in order not to miss even one inquiry.

Follow the next steps to submit an inquiry:

Inquiry made
Based on the brand selection you made, you will receive an email or notification when an inquiry is up.
Create an offer
You will be notified automatically by email when an inquiry is uploaded. Following end user’s preferences, submit your offer.
Offer approval / refusal
End-user will choose the offer that matches his request. However, if your offer is rejected, you will get an email or notification of the offered price that won. This will ultimately prepare you for the upcoming inquiries!




  • Basic

    50 Monthly
    • Access in 20 inquiries


    100 Monthly
    • Unlimited inquiries
    • Graphic analysis
  • Basic

    300 Annual
    • Get access in 300 inquiries per year


    720 Annual
    • Unlimited inquiries
    • Graphic analysis

Register for free and gain access to a "Starter Pack" with expiry date 31/05/2022.


The Starter Pack includes:

  • Graphs & Stats
  • 5% commission per order
  • 200€ for free in your wallet

Learn how you can reach the target group you are searching for: